Picto location Alpe d'Huez Chalet, Appartement Résidence Prestige Gestion

Leave your property to Prestige Gestion, what does it involve? How does our agency work? All the questions that you, the owners, have, we answer here.

Picto location Alpe d'Huez Chalet, Appartement Résidence Prestige Gestion

Formation of the rental price of your property

Do you adapt the price according to the exceptional events taking place at Alpe d'Huez (Comedy Film Festival which attracts an audience of actors, directors and producers looking for prestigious properties; Tomorrowland Festival; foreign paid holiday weeks; cyclo event...)?

The answer is yes, we mainly adapt the rental prices according to and above all to the French holiday calendar. Indeed, 80% of the Alpe d’Huez’ clientele, and therefore of the agency, remains essentially French. Holidays in foreign countries are not really taken into account but make it possible to attract this international clientele over lower periods.

Of course, we adapt prices according to the events, especially for the summer season with the emblematic events: Alpe d’Huzes, Marmotte, Tour de France.

In winter and for the comedy film festival, not really, despite a privileged relationship with the director we know well. All actors, directors and producers remain housed in hotels. For this event, we mainly work with large partners who are exclusively interested in large chalets, adapted for business tourism (large stay that can accommodate a certain number of people, ideal for workshops). Finally, the only event for which there is a real price adjustment is the Tomorrowland festival. We maintain a very privileged relationship with them in order to welcome all their very high-end customers, so prices are studied accordingly.

Do you undertake not to rent the apartment below a certain price, to maintain the standing of the apartment/chalet and residence and not to attract an audience of students?

This is the image of the Prestige Gestion agency. We will not have a policy of “breaking” prices. We are particularly vigilant in choosing our customers and positioning our services at the top end of the market.
We sometimes start negotiations on a week’s holiday but always in agreement with the owner. We would prefer to refuse a week’s rental if customers do not agree with the proposed product.

Do you only offer weekly rentals or also rentals for shorter periods (especially in low season)? - For weekly rentals, will the rentals be from Saturday to Saturday? Sunday to Sunday?

As a base, rentals remain by the week. Nevertheless, yes, during off-season periods and on request, we sometimes depart from the rule.
Rentals are from Saturday to Saturday, except in exceptional cases. Indeed, 90% of the clientele remains on this model.

How many months in advance do you rent the properties?

As soon as possible. All the agency’s properties are systematically online and available at the end of each season for the following season.

How do you form prices: smart pricing software?

Expertise of the agency. Native of the resort and expert in the field of high-end property management, the price lists are formed according to the property, location, positioning and market.

Future tenants, online ad and calendar management

What is the size of your customer base today? Do you use your own customer base or do you use online travel agencies that already have a base?

We use an integrated management software that now has a customer base of 2000 people. The distribution of our properties goes above all through our agency’s website (offensive referencing strategy with our Webiaprod agency based in Grenoble) and then through the various dedicated platforms.

Which online sites and travel agencies do you use to place rental ads?

Platforms used: Total Homeway Group, airbnb. We also have agreements with certain partners in Haute-Savoie and Grenoble.

What are your marketing strategies to ensure your occupancy rate: targeted mailings to your customer base? Special links with works councils?

First of all, a quality website and above all a SEO strategy. Natural referencing via our web agency in Grenoble and Google Adwords referencing during the booking periods (July to January).
Qualitative promotion of each of the properties by taking pictures of a professional.
In addition and of course a close relationship with the agency’s loyal customers. Reservation from year to year and loyalty through a personalized welcome and the services offered to our customers.

If you work with online travel agencies (bookings, expeditions, Mrs. Holidays, etc.), are these sites allowed to make promotional offers on the apartment without your consent?

No collaboration with this kind of travel agency. In my opinion, this is the opposite of what we do. No visibility on the customer, prices and quality of service offered.

Do you develop specific strategies to target specific audiences (example: mailing to the organisation of the Alpe d'Huez film festival indicating the availability of apartments for rent; partnership with prestigious works councils, mailings to French and foreign luxury travel agencies)?

With our partners, yes. We maintain privileged relationships that allow us to target, particularly for Tomorrowland and the film festival, the interested clientele and in accordance with the products we offer.

Exclusivity request

In return for your request for exclusivity, do you commit to a minimum number of weeks of rental per year?

Exclusivity for Prestige Gestion is a point of honour. It is not possible, given our high-end business model, to work in collaboration with other agencies.
We risk conflict over the holding of the property, the clientele and the positioning of the product. In addition, we will currently be the only ones able to offer quality concierge services.
The Prestige Gestion agency will be there to assist you with quality management and an adapted clientele. It is not possible for us to make a commitment on a weekly volume.

Do you offer contracts with adapted exclusivity (example: you have exclusivity for up to 4 weeks)?

For the reasons mentioned above, no.

How many weeks a year do you currently rent similar properties?

For the points mentioned above, once the product is launched, we arrive at a number of weeks of rental ranging from 8 to 14 weeks on average. The base remaining for the winter is 10 weeks on average. Summer, on the other hand, remains very uncertain and more complicated on the Alpe d’Huez (winter destination). This is why the amounts of the weeks rented in the summer do not enter into our rental management estimates, we count them as “bonus” weeks.

In the case of a residential apartment, and if you manage several apartments of the same residence, how do you manage the dispatching of rentals between the different apartments, to ensure that some apartments are not rented permanently while others remain empty?

All apartments and chalets are distributed in the same way on all our media. Of course, some products can leave faster than others. In order to ensure an optimal return for each of them, we invite each owner to consult us on the decoration of their apartments in order to satisfy the market demand. The decoration and furniture chosen are essential points that will allow future tenants to project themselves or not in the home, it is necessary to create the coup de coeur!

It is also important to respect the list of equipment provided by the agency, in order to maximize the tenant’s loyalty once on site. Of course, we try to distribute the bookings fairly among each owner of the same residence.

Similarly, between the different residences that you manage at Alpe d'Huez: how do you ensure that you do not favour one residence or another (and therefore the owner) when promoting the available rentals? I see on your site that some residences are more prominent than others.

With regard to residences, each of them has advantages and disadvantages. There are customers for each of them according to their requirements and budgets. The station’s move upmarket also contributes to rental success in this area.
Indeed, as you say, we have an insert on the site for the promotion of the new residences. Especially for the White Eden this year. The Hamlet of Clotaire for next season.

Services offered to tenants

The services you offer to tenants: chefs, babysitters etc. Do they speak English?

For all the services offered, we have the answer for an international clientele.

Do you have an example of a menu you propose for the delivery of meals on wheels, so that I can evaluate the level of prestige / price range?

You can get an idea and go to the “Services” page.

The sheets and towels you put in place: should you buy the sheets and towels for each apartment, or do you have a stock of sheets and towels for the entire residence that you then use for all the apartments you manage?

For all the lingerie, we provide (hotel sheets, large and small towels, bath mats, kitchen cloths). We have a contract with a laundry on top-of-the-range linen suitable for our rentals.

Services offered to owners

Is it possible to provide in the contract that you offer the same services to owners as to tenants (caretaker, ski and package booking, cleaning, bed linen, etc.) within the limit of X weeks per year?

No problem at all. The owner benefits from all the advantages in the same way as our customers.
We have established a landlord package including the supply of household linen and cleaning at the end of the stay as part of the occupancy of your apartment.
– Possibility to manage your ski equipment. Booking with 25% discount and free delivery to the private ski room.
– Ski packages with negotiated rates.
– Organisation and booking of your ski lessons.
– Chef at home or home delivery
– Wine list and delivery
– Organization of activities…

Does your concierge also manage urgent repairs (broken washing machine, wifi that no longer works, etc.)?

Yes, no problem, we are on site to manage emergencies and repairs.

The owner's package, what does it include?

Regarding the owner’s package, each time you are in your apartment, it will be prepared in the same way as for one of our customers. If you wish, we will be pleased to provide you with the services for an amount of 200 € including VAT.
In addition and as mentioned, you will have a dedicated contact within the agency for all your concierge services.

Duration of the contract and conditions of termination

What is the duration of the contract and, if we are not satisfied, what are the conditions for termination?

Management mandates are signed for a period of 1 year and tacitly renewed for a maximum of 10 years.

Picto location Alpe d'Huez Chalet, Appartement Résidence Prestige Gestion

Management status and specific regime

An exclusive management mandate is concluded between the owners and the Prestige Gestion agency.
We determine together the conditions of rental of the property (price list).
We draw up an inventory of fixtures which will be signed by the tenants when they enter the premises, in order to protect the property from any damage caused during the rental week.

The specific Para-Hôtelier regime

The para-hotel regime is presented as an intermediary between furnished rental and the hotel business.
The owner delegates the services to a real estate agency.
The para-hotel regime imposes conditions, at least 3 or 4 services comparable to hotels:
– Breakfast in professional use
– End of stay cleaning included + regular cleaning of the premises
– Supply of household linen
– Personalized customer service…

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The steps

⇒ 1st step, 1st meeting
We explain to you how the agency works, our services, our fees, our commitments, the services we offer to clients.

⇒ 2nd step, we send you an estimate of rental management after an assessment of your property
This grid lists the weekly rental prices with the rental potential (“very good”, “good”, “average”, “mediocre”), which gives you an overview of performance over a whole year. We discuss this tariff proposal together, which we adjust together…

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Focus on our luxury concierge service

For our tenants AND landlords

Our motto: “make your holiday easier”!

Our Services: our strong partnerships with the station’s stakeholders
– Delivery of ski equipment: partner the SKISET stores
– Booking of ski passes: partner SATA
– Booking of ski lessons: partner the French Ski School ESF
– Meals on wheels or in delivery services: La Pomme de Pin restaurant
– Travel arrangements: Taxi Chalvin
– Babysitter
– Various activities (sled dogs, snowmobiles…)

What’s new at Prestige Gestion

Let us take care of your property, we can manage the layout and decoration of your home !

We have set up various partnerships with a selection of suppliers that we have taken the care to choose in order to ensure you quality products that meet current demand:
– Quality bedding (box spring + mattress + headboard + bed sheet + pillows + duvets)
– Furniture and small furniture (tables + chairs + coffee tables + bedside tables…)
– Lighting (of all kinds)
– Multimedia (television)
– Dishes and dishes
– Decoration of all kinds (cushions, blankets, decorative objects, carpets…)

You can find all our products on our futur website.