Rental terms and conditions


The tenant will enjoy the rented premises and the furniture in a bourgeois manner. The rental is granted for a stay which will begin and end on the days and dates indicated. The tenant signing this contract may not under any circumstances invoke any right to remain in the premises at the end of the rental period. The rental concluded between the parties to this contract may in no case benefit third parties, except with the agreement of the owner. The tenant is required to report any interruption in the operation of the services. The tenant must ensure the peaceful character of the rental and make use of it in accordance with the destination of the premises. The tenant agrees to take possession of the premises on the dates and times stipulated in the contract.


If the number of tenants exceeds the capacity indicated in the contract and without prior agreement, the owner reserves the right to terminate the contract or to receive an increase.


The reservation is validated when the tenant has sent to the owner a deposit of 25%, a copy of the signed contract, a copy of the bank transfer and a house insurance. The balance of the rental need to be paid 30 days before the entering. If the tenant didn’t pay the total amount on time, the agency can cancel the booking. The deposit indicate on the contract will be paid during the checking by bank print.


Any cancellation must be notified by registered letter and duly justified (see conditions below):
If cancelled more than 30 days before the arrival of the tenant: the deposit paid will remain with the owner. It will only be returned if the furnished apartment can be re-let for the same price and the same period.

If cancellation is less than 30 days from the date of the tenant’s entry, the full amount of the rental will be acquired by the owner according to the terms of payment

1/ Cancelled in case of force majeure:

If the client can not honor his booked stay due to one of the force majeure scenarios presented below (effective at the date of the stay), he can cancel or moved his stay.
If the stay is moved, the amount paid will be kept until the new dates of the booked stay.
If the stay is canceled, the amount paid will be returned to the customer an a rational time.
Scenario 1: Serious illness with medical proof attesting to the inability of the person reserving to honor his stay
Scenario 2: Death of the reserving party with proof of death

2/ Cancellation COVID-19:

If the client cannot travel during the booked stay due to one of the scenarios presented below (number of staff on the date of the stay), he can cancel or moved his stay. If the stay is moved, the amount (s) paid will be kept until the new dates of the booked stay. If the stay is canceled, the amount paid will be returned to the customer an a rational time.
Scenario 1: The government of the client’s country of origin prohibits all travel abroad or to France.
Scenario 2: Travel restrictions (ordered by the French government in response to COVID 19) prevent the customer from going to the place of their reservation.
Scenario 3: Complete closure of the ski resort with ban on access to the ski area (Prefectural decree) or government decision to close the ski lifts.
Scenario 4: If there is mandatory confinement and a travel ban in France or in the country of origin of the person who made.
Scenario 5: If the agency is forced to cancel the client’s stay in the accommodation provided for external reasons, it will offer the latter accommodation of the same standard or will offer him the reimbursement of the amount.


On arrival and departure of the tenant, an inventory of the objects and equipment contained in the furnished apartment will be carried out jointly with the owner or his agent. All complaints, concerning the inventory and the cleanliness of the furnished apartment, must be made within 24h after the date of handing over the keys. The rented apartment contains the furniture, crockery, bedding in accordance with the description of the furnished apartment. The tenant will be responsible for the objects carried in the inventory and will be held to reimburse the price of the damaged objects and if necessary their restoration. The tenant must report any deterioration or breakage occurring during his stay. The tenant agrees to return the furnished apartment on departure in a correct state of cleanliness despite the end-of-stay cleaning included in the reservation, dishes done and bins emptied. Any additional cleaning hours due to an unacceptable state of cleanliness of the furnished accommodation may be invoiced in addition (40 HT per hour).


The tenant is required to comply with the neighborhood regulations, particularly for noise, and the local garbage. Moreover, it’s completely forbidden to enter in the apartment/chalet with bike, ski, ski shoes respectfully in the apartment.


The tenant will be required to insure against damage of any kind likely to engage his responsibility. The tenant will therefore be required to provide a resort certificate 1 week before the date of entry into the premises in order to confirm that he is covered for damage that may occur during his stay.


Any litigation on the execution of the present will be the responsibility of the competent courts.


If admitted (subject to acceptance by the owner) only pets will be accepted by the owner.